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How do I relate to the sculptures?

yenny carruyo-artist-about.jpg

I relate to the feeling of freedom, with the movement that expresses the female and male figures. As I become one with the bicycle, that feeling of getting out of the routine and disappearing from the world for a while. Where I have control of the path I am traveling and where I set limits myself.

I like to inspire with the sculptures, the connection within yourself, and others; The process of transformation of living in the present moment and accepting our perfect imperfections. 


It is the design of women and men, although they are doing different activities, represents movement, connection, inspiration, and well-being. The sculptures are represented by the female figure (Beatriz) and the male figure by (Alex), performing different activities related to action, outdoor activities, sports, and connected to each other with the ropes and/or wires.  


2020  Art West Palm Beach

2020  DCOTA/ Art Collective

2020  Art Collective The Hamptons, New York

2019  Red dot-Miami

2019  SOFA Chicago

2019  Arthouse New York

2019  Market Art + Design (the Bridge Hampton Museum)

2019  Art in unexpected places/ Intercontinental Miami

2019  Art West Palm Beach

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